Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading

You may be thinking, is the microblading procedure painful? Am I going to bleed? How long is it going to last? Rest assured! All of your questions and concerns will be answered in this section. 465136497

How long does it take?

For the first Microblading appointment, the procedure takes approximately 2.5 hours depending on the condition of your eyebrows and your needs. A 15 minute consultation that includes a test patch is required at least 3 days prior to your Microblading appointment. This way we can monitor any adverse reactions to the treatment, before the procedure, if they occur. An eyebrow shaping can also be done during the consultation if needed and it is charged at the regular price.

During the Microblading procedure, the technician will begin by cleaning the skin around the eyebrow. The technician will then draw the shape and style the eyebrows according to the client's desired liking. Once the client is satisfied with the shape, the technician will apply numbing cream and let it rest for 20 minutes. The client can decide on the pigment color and ask any questions regarding Microblading during this time. When the numbing cream is cleaned off, the procedure begins.

Is it painful?

The pain for the procedure is mild but it depends on the individual's pain tolerance. The purpose of the numbing cream will help numb the treated area and mitigate the pain; however everyone will respond differently to the anesthetic. Numbing gel is also reapplied during the procedure. Topical anesthetics used may contain lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine and epinephrine. Please let the technician know prior to the treatment if you have any allergies to these medications. During the procedure, the feeling can be described as “light cat scratches” and after the procedure, the area will feel as though you have a light sunburn.

How long does it last?

Microblading typically lasts approximately 1-1.5 years, depending on the skin type, age, and proper aftercare maintenance. Microblading is the process of inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin and is a form of tattooing, but the pigment does not sink into the skin as deep as a traditional tattoo. The pigment used in Microblading is semi-permanent and will fade over time.

Is the touch up appointment necessary?

Yes! To maintain the eyebrows and keep them looking polished, a touch up appointment is necessary after 6 weeks. The touch up appointment takes approximately 2 hours. A touch up is needed to monitor the condition the eyebrows are in after they are fully healed, and to fill in any spaces that may have been missed in the first appointment. We recommend additional touch up appointments after 1 year of your first appointment, but depending on the condition of your eyebrows, an earlier touch up appointment within the year can be done.

How long does it take to heal?

The healing process will be different for everyone. It will take approximately 7-14 days for the eyebrows to heal and about 1 month for the color to fully set. After the procedure, the treated area will feel a slight burning and it may appear slightly red. The eyebrow color will appear to be very dark and after 7 days, the color will fade up to 40%. This is part of the healing process and it allows your eyebrows to look more natural and soft.

Are there any side effects after the procedure?

In the following days of the healing process, the eyebrows will continue to appear dark and a slight scabbing will appear. Please do not pick the scabs as this can damage the skin, and affect the outcome of the microbladed area. After 2 weeks, the color will appear lighter and the skin surrounding the microbladed area will appear opaque or milky. This is because the skin from within is still healing even though the surface of the skin is healed.

What are the possible risks and complications?

To avoid risks and complications that may affect the skin or the outcome of your microbladed eyebrows, proper aftercare is crucial and should not be taken lightly.

There is a possibility of pain or discomfort even when a topical anesthetic is used because anesthetics work differently on everyone. You may feel a slight headache after the procedure which should disappear in a few hours.

Although very rare, there is a risk of infection. To prevent infection from occuring, cleanliness is highly crucial. The treated area must be kept clean, and only freshly cleaned hands should touch the areas.

Uneven pigmentation is possible, and is the result of poor healing, infection, bleeding or other causes. Also, it is possible for the eyebrows to appear uneven from one another because our faces are not symmetrical. The follow up touch up appointment will correct any of these issues and others that may have occured while the eyebrows were healing.

Excessive swelling or bruising is possible as some people can bruise and swell more than others, while some people will not bruise or swell at all. Signs of bruising and swelling will typically disappear in 2-5 days.

Please inform the technician for any information that she should know prior to the Microblading procedure such as facial treatments, tanning treatments, medications, other cosmetic procedures, etc. If you have any doubts about your qualification for Microblading, please talk to your technician.

How should I prepare for my first microblading appointment?

Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your first microblading appointment. We can address any initial concerns you may have before the procedure and most importantly, we want to help give you  peace of mind!

Here are rules to take note of:

  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine 24 hours prior to your appointment
  • Do not take Advil or other blood thinners such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Niacin or Vitamin E unless medically necessary 72 hours prior to your appointment
  • You may take Tylenol to avoid pain
  • Botox should be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the procedure
  • Avoid booking during your menstrual cycle as it can increase your pain
  • No waxing, tanning or tinting 2 days prior to your appointment
  • Arrive with no makeup for your appointment
  • Be prepared for your brows to look a little red and very dark  
  • Avoid tanning
  • No face scrubs or chemical peels at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment

Who is not suitable for microblading?

If you follow under any category in the list below, please schedule your Microblading appointment to a more suitable time.

  • Pregnant and/or breast feeding
  • History of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring
  • Diabetic (doctor’s approval is required)
  • Chemotherapy (doctor’s approval is required)
  • Viral infections and/or other diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemaker or major heart problems/conditions (including use of heart medication)
  • Organ transplant
  • Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)
  • Sick (cold, flu, etc.)
  • Accutane in the past year
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Low tolerance to pain
  • Fear of needles
  • Poor general health and other conditions not noted above

What if I do not like it?

The results are generally excellent but a perfect result is not a realistic expectation. As with all cosmetic procedures, clients should not make their choices lightly. Your 100% commitment is necessary to continue with Microblading, and our goal is to provide service of your satisfaction to the best of our ability. We highly recommend clients do their research, understand the procedure, possible risks and aftercare needs, and compare different technician's work. Uneven appearance, pigment discoloration and color correction can be adjusted in touch up appointments if needed.

How should I take care of my eyebrows to last long?

To maintain long lasting, beautiful eyebrows, please refer to our Aftercare tab under "Microblading".

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