Lavender - Sea Salt Body Scrub (45 min)

Glowing Body Confidence in 45 Minutes: Feel your body tingle from shoulders to toes with our luxurious body treatment.

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The lavender body scrub leaves your skin soft to the touch and with a radiant, healthy glow. $77
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Lavender Body Scrub Service Highlights:

  • Combining Le Petit Spa's locally produced luscious lavender oil with sea salt, our massage therapist rubs the mixture over your body.
  • You follow with a shower, using no soap, which removes the scrub but leaves your body with a soothing coating of oil.
  • To lock in that silky softness, our massage therapist finishes with a relaxing lavender lotion appplication.
  • This exfoliating body treatment rehydrates your skin and can leave it velvety soft by rehydrating, lifting the veil of dullness and dryness.

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