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Age spots you wish you could reduce? Spider veins you would like to treat? Wrinkles that need smoothing out? Le Petit Spa has scored the world’s leading skin rejuvenation treatment so you can reduce skin damage and other skin issues.

What is LHE?

LHE Skin Rejuvenation stimulates healthy skin growth

LHE by Kona combines Light and Heat Energy to treat sun damage, vascular lesions, fine lines and other signs of aging skin. LHE works by stimulating new collagen growth to replenish and even out the skin. The treatment *improves the appearance of vascular lesions and pigmented lesions.

LHE Skin Rejuvenation uses the combination of light and heat energy at low fluences to target the inner layers of the skin. This process is completely safe for the skin and requires little to no downtime. The natural fusion of light and heat energy increases overall effectiveness of the procedure and speeds up the healing process compared to other skin rejuvenation techniques that only use light or heat. Skin rejuvenation also accelerates blood circulation, allowing better absorption of anti-aging serums and creams.

If you are looking to stimulate healthy growth for your skin, LHE Skin Rejuvenation is your solution. It stimulates collagen production, replacing the old collagen with new collagen in the inner layer of the skin. As new collagen rebuilds, skin tone will improve, simultaneously the appearance fine lines and wrinkles minimizes as well. The skin appears plump, healthier and younger looking.*

As well known treatment it has a reputation of being safe and painless while providing results in as few as two treatments. No time or patience for a long recovery process? LHE is the great solution. *You simply walk in for your treatment with one of our expert technicians, and walk out when your session is over.

LHE Skin Rejuvenation - Individual Treatment Prices

Pigmented Lesion (15 min) $60
Vascular Lesion (15 min) $60
Face (30 min) $220
Neck to the top of chest (30 min) $132
Top of chest (upper chest; neck is not included) $87
Back of hand (15 min) $104
Forearm (30 min) $176
Full arm (30 min) $264
Rosacea (15 min) $308


Please talk with us about individual sessions or let our experts help you to put together a series of treatments (for greater savings) from our LHE skin rejuvenation plans. If you have never had an LHE Skin Rejuvenation with us, please contact us for a complimentary consultation or book an appointment. A consultation is required for qualification and test patch purposes. If there is no reaction after 24 hours, you may continue with LHE treatments.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects of LHE?

There are very few risks or side effects involved with the LHE technology. LHE is known to be one of the safest technology designed for skin care. The treatments are non-invasive and non-abrasive, which makes them suitable for even sensitive skin types. However you may experience stinging, burning or discomfort during the treatment and the area being treated may feel warm for 15 minutes or so after the treatment.

Do not fret! This is normal because the heat and light energy is being transferred to your skin and changes are undergoing in your skin. These side effects will diminish after 30 minutes. Most clients will experience some redness in the treated areas which will fade in the next hour after the treatment and can be concealed with makeup if needed.

Post-treatment care to prevent any harmful side effects include moisturizing regularly to the treated areas, avoiding sun exposure, applying a high SPF sunscreen to the treated areas when you head outdoors, and avoiding face exfoliants and peels for the next 24 hours. If you experience any other post treatment side effects, please consult your doctor as soon as possible and discontinue further treatments until you skin is fully healed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is L-H-E?
A: LHE stands for Light Heat Energy. LHE technology interacts in two different ways to transfer energy (light and thermal energy) by convection.

Q: How is LHE different from the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) method?
A: By combing light and thermal energy, LHE has a lower light fluence, which means it reduces the intensity of heat exposure, making the technology safe and the down time slim to none for most patients*.

Q: Why is LHE considered the safest technology today?
A: Because LHE uses both light and thermal energy, the light fluence is lower than other technologies and therefore the treatment is safer as well as more comfortable for most patients*.

Q: Will I see results right away?*
A: Many of our patents see results right away but results do vary from person to person.

Q: Is Kona approved for use in Canada?
A: Yes. Kona is licensed by Health Canada.



* Results may vary from person to person

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LHE Skin Rejuvenation*

  • Firmer, younger and healthier looking skin, more even skin tone
  • Successful treatment of sun damage, spider veins and wrinkles
  • Fast results: Visible improvements by the 2nd treatment
  • Safe, painless treatment without harmful side effects
  • Little to no downtime - just play time

* Results may vary from person to person