Spa Massage in Vancouver

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Indulge yourself, take time out of your daily tasks and stresses to focus on your body. Unwind and drift away in an oasis of peace and personal wellness. All of our spa massages are designed to maximize serenity and well-being.

There are many reasons to seek a massage treatment. It may be that your tight, tense muscles are the result of days spent hard at work, in front of a computer. Or, you spent weekends hiking the hills around Vancouver in true West Coast style. Whether it's a sports injury or a need to escape from stress a Le Petit Spa massage treatment provides welcome relief.

Benefits of a Spa Massage

Relax and detoxify your body, calm your mind, improve circulation and stimulate the lymph system while you unwind in one of our deluxe massage beds. Spa massages have a vast variety of benefits that span from improving mental health to relieving physical tension. They combine a variety of techniques to create a sense of overall well-being. 

Massages can correct:Girl getting a massage

  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Headaches caused by tension
  • Stress-related insomnia 
  • Relieve sports injuries 
  • Soft tissue strains 
  • Improve flexibility
  • Reflexology
  • Immune function 

A Touch of Luxury 

Experience a true feeling of indulgence in our friendly and quiet atmosphere. Immerse yourself surrounded by our signature lavender scent. Feel your body relax from head to toe with one of our full body massages.

All of our therapists are highly trained and will help to make you feel rejuvenated. Don’t wait for a special occasion to treat yourself to a massage any time of the year.

Come in today and explore the variety of treatments we have to offer. No two people are alike, so we offer multiple therapeutic options for a massage that fits your unique needs and desires.

See a full list of the massages we offer below. If you have any questions or special requests, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything we can to ensure your massage experience leaves you with a state of well-being and bliss.

Le Petit Spa Therapeutic Massage Treatments


Spa Massage
relaxation massage
Relaxation Massage

Relax your body, calm your mind and improve your circulation! This can be your slice of heaven for a full 60 minutes. Our classic relaxation massage is one of our most popular treatments.

You can choose from a variety of packages for a treatment that fits your needs. Our relaxation massages range from 30min - 90min.  

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hot stone massage
Hot Stone Massage

A unique and soothing experience you won't soon forget, a Le Petit Spa Hot Stone Massage will relax and renew your body. The added benefit of heat in the Hot Stone Massage treatment allows muscles to release deep tension which can be difficult to achieve from a regular massage.

The hot stones allow for added pressure, using a variety of massage techniques. Hot stone massage has been used for centuries for one main reason, it works!

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prenatal massage
Prenatal Massage

Our prenatal massage is for expecting mothers who are looking to relieve the added tension in their bodies, caused by pregnancy. It is specially tailored to soothe tired muscles, ligaments, and joints caused by the extra stress and weight of carrying a baby. Pregnancy can put a lot of physical stress on the body.

It is absolutely essential to feel relaxed and at ease during pregnancy, and massage can help a mother stay healthy and calm, in preparation for parenthood. 

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reflexology massage
Spa Reflexology

Suitable for all age groups, our reflexology massage is the ideal way to relax, de-stress and help the body rebalance itself. Reflexology techniques have been practiced for thousands of years and have been used to ease both mental and physical ailments.

Reflexology is well known for its abilities to relieve headaches, anxiety and even feelings of depression, by targeting pressure points in the body. It helps to align and relieve body and mind from daily stresses that can lead to illness. You will feel revitalized and energized after the treatment. 

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Professional Care

Our experienced therapists and bodyworkers are well versed in all types of relaxation massage. As trained professionals, they can customize a treatment just for you or help you to choose from a range of massages, including prenatal, relaxation, hot stone massage and reflexology. Please note that all of our relaxation massages do not include deep pressure. We also do not have Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) at our location and thus cannot provide insurance documents.

For the maximum soothing effect, massage treatments are done with the Le Petit Spa all natural signature lavender massage oil which is produced from the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. Lavender is one of the most relaxing and revitalizing fragrances and has been used extensively in aromatherapy treatments. It is our signature scent of choice for its famous origins in the french countryside. Let the lush, lavender scent relax you as our professional therapists do the rest. 

Call us, or come in today. We will be happy to book an appointment with a treatment that fits your needs. If you are already a Le Petit Spa member, you can book your appointment online here. We look foreward to seeing you!

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Our Promise to You*

  • You will feel soothed and refreshed after each session
  • Treatments customized to your unique conditions
  • You can choose from individual sessions or treatment plans
  • Superior care from the massage therapists winning the Best Independent Spa award

* Results may vary from person to person