Led Light Therapy in Vancouver

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What is Led Light Therapy?

Light emitting diode (LED) light therapy is growing in popularity in most spas and medi spas around the world. Using varying LED wavelengths, this skincare technique helps to treat acne, reduce inflammation, and promote anti-aging effects.

You may be a candidate for LED light therapy if you have these types of skincare concerns and haven’t gotten the results you want from over-the-counter (OTC) skin products. LED light therapy is safe for all skin tones, and does not cause any discomfort or the sensation of burning.

RED: Red or Infrared light is great for stimulating collagen production. When the light is applied to the skin it goes deep into the dermis layer to stimulate collagen proteins. This is great for healthy aging and targeting wrinkles and fine lines.

Results show those receiving red light therapy on the face twice a week for a total of 30 sessions experienced improved skin complexion, skin tone, skin smoothness, and collagen density (as measured with an ultrasonographic test). For those with acne-pronesensitive, and reactive skin can also benefit from the red light since it helps to promote overall skin health.

BLUE: Blue light affects the epidermis, which is the uppermost layer, to kill acne-causing bacteria, controlling sebum regulation, and soothes the skin.

YELLOW: Yellow (or amber) light is known for rejuvenating skin cells, stimulating lymphocyte production, and targeting pigmentation. That makes it A+ for addressing signs of photodamage.

GREEN: Similar to yellow light, green light is also hailed for reducing hyperpigmentation. Green light also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm redness. 

Led Light Therapy is Ideal for All Skin Types

Any skin type can benefit from an LED facial, considering there are a number of ways to target various concerns. You might want to select a color based on your specific skin care goals (i.e., aging skin might want to go with red; acne-prone skin might want to opt for blue), but even if you're just looking for enhanced skin quality and extra brightness, it's a worthy addition to any facial. If you're pregnant, experts recommend speaking with your doctor before jumping right into the treatment. 

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

Unlike other types of light therapy, LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays. Therefore, they’re safe for regular use.

LED light therapy does not cause burns compared to other anti-aging treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. It may be safe for all skin colors and types.

DO NOT USE LED light therapy if you take Accutane for acne or if you’re experiencing skin rashes.

Side effects are rare, but may include increased inflammation, redness, and rash.

What to Expect After Led Light Therapy

LED light therapy is noninvasive, so no recovery time is required. You should be able to continue with your everyday activities once your treatment is over. LED light therapy requires up to 10 sessions or more, each session spaced out about a week apart. You may start to see minor results after your first session. Results will be more dramatic and noticeable once you’ve finished all of your treatments.

Even after you’ve achieved the recommended number of sessions, your results aren’t permanent. As your skin cells turnover, you may lose some collagen and start to see signs of aging again. You may also start to see acne breakouts. This is why it is recommended to go back for maintenance treatments every few months or as recommended by your esthetician.

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Led Light Therapy Facial & Treatments Price

Led Light Therapy Facial (60 Min)

The Led Light Therapy Facial is Ideal for:
  • All skin types especially acne prone skin
Service Highlights
  • Cleanse and Tone: The facial begins by cleansing the face to remove makeup, dirt and impurities from the surface of the skin. A toner is then applied over the face to prep the skin for the next treatment steps.
  • Exfoliate: Our facial specialist will exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. 
  • Extractions: As needed
  • Led Light Therapy: After the skin is toned, our facial specialist will perform the light therapy session using the Led Ligth device and the appropriate light suited for your skin tone and concern. This treatment is left on the skin for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the device is removed and your facial specialist will prepare the hydrating mask treatment.
  • Mask: Di Morelli HA Masque, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, brightens, hydrates and repairs the skin. This Di Morelli masque reduces the signs of aging, giving an overall appearance of radiant and youthful looking skin after every use. 
  • Moisturize: This final step helps bring out your youthful radiance by keeping your skin hydrated with a moisturizer and protecting your skin with a sun protection cream or mineral powder.

Led Light Therapy Treatment (30 Min)

This treatment is ideal for those who simply want to skip the additional spa treatments (such as extractions and scalp/hand massage) and get straight to the Led Light Therapy session! Most of us have a busy schedule, but that’s no reason to neglect your skin! This 30-minute Led Light Therapy treatment is designed for a fast paced lifestyle and those on weekly scheduled sessions.



Add-on Led Light Therapy 

Add Led Light Therapy to ANY facial to improve results! It is the perfect compliment for all of our facial treatments and will leave your skin feeling both impossibly smooth, and visibly healthier.

At Le Petit Spa, we go the extra mile to ensure you see the best results with your skin care treatments. Be sure to ask about the Led Light Therapy add on when you come in for your routine facial!

This anti-aging add-on treatment is suitable for all skin types especially acne prone skin and to those who simply want to extend the results of their facials, as well as ensure a long lasting, deep cleanse. The facial, coupled with the Led Light Therapy treatment can help to soothe inflammation.

Beauty Results*:
  • Skin appears brighter and healthy looking
  • Skin texture is improved and smooth to the touch
  • Hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration
  • Inflammation is reduced 

* Results may vary from person to person



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