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You may be familiar with microdermabrasion for the face, which is a natural and non-invasive exfoliation process that smoothes out common imperfections through an exfoliation wand. However, there's also microdermabrasion for the body that follows the same procedure but adapts it to the body instead.

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This Spring the hype is all about the pearlescent highlighter. A touch of highlighter to any makeup look, whether you are going for a daytime or evening look, brings a glowing radiance to your skin that appears healthy and youthful.

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When you want to give your face a rejuvenating glow, there are excellent treatments to be found at your local spa. Two popular options for polishing your skin are a facial and a microdermabrasion treatment. People often wonder about the similarities and differences of each treatment, here's an overview of both!

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Spa treatments are both relaxing and fun. They can also transform how you look and feel about yourself. Among these therapeutic treatments are deep cleanings and scrubs. There are several treatments of this kind that target specific areas like your face, hands, feet, and body. Facials clean out your pores, mani/pedis exfoliate and refine your nails and the skin on your hands and feet. But when you need a deep cleaning of your entire body, you need a full body scrub.

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Let's add some color to your look! This Spring the beauty trends are all about warm, festive colors to brighten up your complexion. Vibrant cobalt blue, shimmery gold, and soft rosy-pink are a hit on the runway and it's no wonder many women are incorporating color into an everyday look. Here are some common beauty trends you can rock this Spring!