3 Lesser Known Benefits Of A Spa Massage

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3 Lesser Known Benefits Of A Spa Massage

It’s fall in Vancouver and there’s nothing better than keeping warm and cozy. It’s the season for ‘me time,’ and what better way to relax than a spa massage. There are countless benefits to getting a massage: Better circulation improves well being, feeling more relaxed. But there are also some amazing massage benefits that we tend to forget. Read on to learn the top 3 lesser known benefits of a spa massage!

Frequent Massages Can Improve Immune Function

This is an especially important point, seeing as it is flu season, a spa massage can actually help to improve your immune function over time. The key reason behind this is that massages help to relax the body, so much so that it has a chemical response. When you feel relaxed and peaceful, your cortisol levels drop. Cortisol is better known as the stress hormone. In most people, frequent exposure to cortisol can have adverse health effects like:

- Depression or anxiety
- High blood pressure
- Fatigue or exhaustion
- Migraine Headaches

If you work in a high-stress environment or you're experiencing a period of stress, it can actually have long-term effects on your immune system. When you go for frequent massages, you are actively reducing your levels of cortisol. It will help you feel more relaxed while improving your overall health!

Massages Improve Your Flexibility

Massages can play a role in improving your range of motion and overall flexibility. This is incredibly important for seniors, injured or athletes.

Better yet, massages can help to improve your posture as well. Many of us experience back, shoulder and neck pain. Whether this is from spending long hours sitting at a desk, in the office, working a stressful job or sports injuries, massage has shown to greatly help to loosen your muscles and help to improve your posture.

Massages help to relax the muscles, to improve the proper alignment if your spine. You can correct bad posture with frequent visits to the massage beds and promote greater freedom in muscle movement.

We specifically recommend frequent massages during pregnancy, as the excess weight of carrying a child can affect your posture. We offer prenatal massages at Le Petit Spa.

Massages Can Make You Look Younger

Yes! You read that right. Massages stimulate blood flow when your skin and the muscles underneath are gently massaged, it helps improve circulation and blood flow. When your facial muscles are massaged, blood rushes to the face, making it appear more plump and healthy. This helps to add a youthful glow to any complexion.


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