10 Easy Ways to Treat Acne For Clear and Beautiful Skin

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10 Easy Ways to Treat Acne For Clear and Beautiful Skin

Waking up and finding a pimple is never a welcome event, but instead of feeling discouraged, you can rest assured that there are many ways to fight acne and get your skin even-toned and glowing again. After all, having clear skin is one of the keys to natural and effortless-looking beauty. Ultimately, achieving clear skin is a result of a healthy lifestyle combined with a consistent skin care regimen which varies with the individual's unique skin type.

First and foremost, seek a professional opinion.

Before we proceed with some easy tips to combat acne, you should be aware it is wise to first consult the advice of a skin care professional before adopting a regimen. A dermatologist or esthetician who specializes in the health of your skin can assess your skin type and can give you expert tips based on your specific needs.

Treatments are as unique as you are. For example, if you are prone to frequent, deeply rooted cystic acne, you may need oral medication, laser therapy, or a simple change in your diet. If you have mild acne, then reducing stress, changing your moisturizer, or using a clay mask may be all you need to clear up your face.

How does acne happen?

Acne appears like red bumps on your face and body when your pores become irritated by trapped oil, dirt, and bacteria. You can often see pus at the tips of these raised bumps. Your acne may range from mild, raised bumps to severe and painful cystic acne.

If you are a woman, you may notice that your acne severity may change depending on your monthly cycle.

There is no universal remedy for eliminating acne, for each person must find the right remedy that works for them.

There are a few general tips, however, that help decrease the severity of acne and can maximize the success of your skin care regimen.

1. Drink plenty of water

Proper hydration will keep your skin plump, supple, and elastic. Healthier skin is less likely to harbor bacteria and have clogged pores, so make sure you are taking in adequate fluids.

2. Wash your face twice a day

Keeping your skin clean and your pores free from dirt and oil makes it harder for bacteria to fester and form pimples.

3. Pay attention to your diet

Sometimes your diet can affect your skin. Pay attention to what types of foods trigger breakouts and cut them out of your diet. For example, for some people, dairy can cause bad breakouts. For others, sugary or oily foods like pork can cause acne.

4. Get facials & microdermabrasions

Treating yourself to luxurious treatments takes the tiredness out of your skin and rejuvenates your entire look. Both of these procedures, whether facials or microdermabrasion are good for cleaning out dirt and impurities from your pores, which help keep acne at bay.

5. Use facial masks

There are many face masks out there, ranging from clay masks to sheet masks. Ask your aesthetician or dermatologist which kind is ideal for your skin type. Overall, clay masks are good for oily skin while sheet masks are hydrating and good for dry skin.

6. Sweat

Sweating opens up pores which unclogs them. Studies also show that sweating excretes toxic elements and that it can be a potential treatment for getting rid of various harmful toxins from your skin because it contains the antibiotic called dermcidin that fights staphylococcus and E. Coli.

Enjoying a sauna is one way to have a good sweat. Exercise can also help you perspire while boosting your total health, giving your complexion a fine glow.

One important thing to keep in mind that in order for sweating to be beneficial to your skin, be sure to clean your skin before and after sweating to make sure your pores do not trap in any new dirt after being opened during the sweating process.

7. Reduce stress levels

Studies show that higher stress levels cause more acne. Though the reasons are disputed why stress does make our skin worse, but by cutting out stressors, our complexions benefit in the long run.

8. Use the appropriate products for your skin

With all the skin care products available, it is best to consult your dermatologist or esthetician about which ones are good for your unique skin type. Generally, you should not go for products that contain parabens, which are suspected to exacerbate acne. Consider this product without parabens: https://www.lepetitspa.ca/beauty-shop/skin-care/clear-skin-starter-set-detail

9. New pimple? Use an ice cube

Sometimes simple home remedies can soothe your skin when you have an acne emergency. One simple intervention is to take an ice cube to a new pimple in order to reduce the swelling and to stop it from itching. By stopping the irritation early, you will be less likely to touch the new pimple and irritate it.

10. Use good cosmetics

When you wear makeup, go for brands that are good for your pores. It is important to buy quality products that are going to benefit your skin.

If you come across a product that irritates your skin, throw it out immediately. By choosing good brands that have your skin's health in mind, you will have fewer breakouts.