7 Skin-Improving Foods You NEED to Incorporate into Your Diet

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7 Skin-Improving Foods You NEED to Incorporate into Your Diet

We are what we eat and what we eat feeds our skin. Did you know that there are many incredible nutrients in some common foods that do great things for our complexion and health?

It’s vital to maintain a healthy diet – not just for good overall health, but specifically for skin health!

Incorporating a balance of healthy foods that are rich in antioxidants and other vital minerals are essential to keep our skin glowing and our health in order.

Read on to find out which seven foods that you need to put into your diet to improve your skin.

1. Avocado – Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamins for your skin

It seems like the avocado has risen to near celebrity status in the gastronomic world this decade, but it has many merits to justify its popularity.

Not only does applying an avocado face mask hydrate and sooth your skin, eating it can beautify your skin from the inside out. Avocados contain the antioxidants alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, and lutein- all of which fight free radicals to reduce the signs of aging.

Avocados are also incredibly rich in vitamin C, which is vital for making collagen and elastin, two biological components that our body makes to keep our skin looking youthful and firm.

Avocados also contain Vitamin E which fights sun damage and the signs of aging. As if this was not enough, this superfood also is rich in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that keeps your skin hydrated.

2. Pomegranates – Important Acids for Skin Hydration

You will want to go grab a vial of Pom Wonderful after you read this. Pomegranates contain the antioxidant polyphenol which fights free radicals and makes your skin glow by regulating blood flow.

In fact, just one class of pomegranate juice nourishes your body with 40% of your daily requirement for folic acid, a vital nutrient, alongside vitamins A, C, and E. This healthy fruit also has punicic acid, another essential omega 3 fatty acid that keeps your skin plump and hydrated.

Pomegranate juice taken directly from the fruit can also be applied topically to moisturize the skin, which can prevent breakouts and control sebum production.

3. Walnuts – With Essential Omega-3s

This buttery and mild nut is delicious in pies but are also great for your skin's elasticity. They contain essential omega-3 fatty acids that keep your skin moisturized. Walnuts are also rich in copper, which also increases collagen production like vitamin C.

Eating foods rich in Omega-3s is vital for your skin because they promote cell membrane health, which makes your skin able to hold in more moisture. As a result, your skin is softer and less blotchy in appearance.

4. Chocolate – Flavonol-Rich Deliciousness

Now this is a skin food we can gladly embrace! Dark chocolate, in particular, is very hydrating to your skin because it has high levels of flavonols which are powerful antioxidants.

Chocolate bars that are over 70% cacao are going to have a better effect on your skin compared to others with lower percentages. More cacao means more flavonols, which does your skin a lot of good. The caffeine in chocolate is also beneficial to your skin because it reduces puffiness and makes the skin temporarily more alert.

5. Kidney Beans – Zinc to Fight Acne

Chili has now become even more delicious. Kidney beans are high in zinc, a mineral that is great at keeping your skin clear of acne. These legumes contain a load of antioxidants, making it food that fights wrinkles.

Free radicals attack our cells which speed up the aging process, but the antioxidants in kidney beans combat them, making them a powerful beauty tool. Not only do free radicals cause aging, but they have also been linked to cancer, so eating foods that will detox your body from these components is good for your total health.

6. Soybeans – Reducing Hyperpigmentation When You Need It The Most

Did you know that an edamame appetizer at the sushi steakhouse can give you a clearer complexion? Soybeans are excellent sources of vital minerals and proteins that are proven to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Soybeans have amazing components called phytoestrogens, which helps your body produce more estrogen. This helps women especially have fewer wrinkles due to ingesting this youthful hormone. Soybeans, like pomegranates, also contain a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids which keeps your skin soft but also is linked to preventing heart disease.

7. Green Tea – Full of Antioxidants and Essential Minerals

This healthy tea is very high in antioxidants. One in particular, called EGCG, has been proven to even out skin tones by decreasing redness, which is a common problem. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties alongside its anti-aging components that are linked to its high levels of polyphenols, enzymes, and amino acids.

Green tea also has other essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, manganese, folate, magnesium, potassium, and caffeine, all of which improve your total health and your skin's appearance.

What will you eat today?

Taking time to eat healthy foods that are rich in vital nutrients is going to help you keep your youthful glow. Our skin's appearance is a direct result of our regular skin care regimen and how healthy our lifestyle is.

If you have questions about foods that are good for your skin or anything else about your beauty regimen, contact us.