How To Get A Sunless Tan That Lasts

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How To Get A Sunless Tan That Lasts

It used to be popular to sit out sunbathing for hours on end. Tanning beds were also used as a fast way to tan without the sun. These are still ways to get a tan, however, wow we know how harmful tanning can be. Save your skin from early signs of aging, sun spots and more severe consequences like skin cancer and choose a sunless tan!

Sunless tanning is an excellent alternative to traditional tanning methods. It can also be done year-round so you never have to go without the glow. A common complaint with spray tans, tanning mousse, and tanning lotion is that the tan 'does not last as long.' While it's certainly true, a sunless tan will fade if there is not proper upkeep, it's certainly better than the alternative of a lasting tan with permanent skin damage. Here are some helpful tips to preserve your sunless tan so that it looks natural and lasts.

Exfoliate Your Skin Before You Apply Tanning Lotion

Clean, clear skin holds a tan for longer. If you apply tanning lotion and you haven't exfoliated beforehand, your tan will fade much faster. This is because you're applying your tan to the dead, dry, surface level layer of skin. Your tan will simply flake off with your skin cells. When you exfoliate before your tanning session, you're clearing away the surface layer of dead skin, revealing the healthy, new layer beneath. This healthy layer of skin will hold your tanning lotion for much longer because the skin will be healthy and absorb the tanning pigment.

Use A Self Tanning Glove For An Even Glow

Pro tip - never use your hands to apply an artificial tan. Most stores that sell tanning lotion will also sell tanning mitts or gloves. It's very important to use these in order to get the appearance of an even, smooth tan. When you do not use tanning gloves, your tan will appear streaky and you will stain your hands deeply.

Wait For 24h Before Showering

Most self-tanning products take around 4h to fully dry and soak into the skin. During the drying period, avoid activities that involve water such as swimming. You should also avoid activities that will make you sweat, like going to the gym.

Set Up A Tanning Regimine

Tanning lotion does fade faster than a regular tan from the sun. However, it is much safer than sun tanning and it can be done at any time of year. The best way to ensure your tan always appears even is to incorporate it into your routine. Set aside time to refresh your tanning lotion. Once per week is a good place to start.

Invest In Quality Tanning Lotion

When it comes to tanning lotion, you usually get what you pay for. The cheaper brands can usually work in a pinch but if you''re interested in keeping a tan long term, it's best to start with the right products. Quality tanning lotion can also help you avoid the dreaded 'orange' tan, as the pigments are far more natural looking.

Ask A Specialist

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