Top 10 Skincare Tips for Summer

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Top 10 Skincare Tips for Summer

Summer is upon us! With summer comes lots of heat. With heat comes the potential for dry, flaky skin and wrinkles.

So naturally, skincare becomes a hot topic at this time. The summer season is when you need to pay attention to maintaining moisture and balance in the skin.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 10 unique skincare tips and recommendations. Follow these tips for a healthy and hydrated summer look and incorporate it in your summer skincare regime!

1. Analyze Your Skin

First, it is important to analyze your skin before trying to find a cure for it. Just like a doctor, you’ll need a ‘diagnosis’ before treatment. Note: You don’t actually have to go to a doctor. Take a look at your skin and make sure you’re using solutions that address your skin issues directly.

Skin conditions change as the season changes. In summer, it is common to notice skin turning dry and flaky. When this happens, choose the product you’re considering purchasing very carefully.

2. Moisturizing Every Day

Moisturizing skin is crucial in summer because of heat exposure. This will keep your hydrated and smooth skin clean. Moisturizing it will also keep your skin free of dead cells and bacteria. A good moisturizer after a shower or before bed will seal in the moisture and nourish the skin.

Try the newly formulated Hydramemory Cream from Comfort Zone, a water-based formula packed with deep hydrating benefits. It creates a protective barrier to prevent the loss of hydration. With this cream, moisture gets locked into your skin. You can’t go wrong with your skin looking smooth all day long!

3. Body Cleanser For Summer

Fruity shower gels are a popular treat for summer because they are hydrating and give off a wonderful aroma. You will want to choose a gel that is hydrating as well as soap-free. Just make sure that your skin doesn't dry out too much.

4. Oil-Based Scrub

One pivotal impetus to the growing acceptance of oil-based scrub for every season is its natural hydrating oil content.

Choose one that has more gentle consistency that go well with the summer season such as our Signature Lavender Salt Scrub. This scrub is unique to Le Petit Spa and will loosen and remove dull dry skin, using all natural oils and Dead Sea salts!

5. Use Sunscreen

Very important! We recommend the Obagi Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 50 sunscreen year-round. It’ll shield your skin from the harmful sunrays and prevent sunburns. It’s also paraben-free and fragrance-free. Plus, it won’t clog your pores!

If you are looking for a mineral powder alternative, try out new Eminence Sun Defense Minerals SPF 30. It’s an organic mineral powder designed to protect your skin. It’s oil-free and is an anti-inflammatory. It won’t matter what your skin type is either, as this product is for all types!

6. Pay Attention to Feet

Your feet – yes, your feet – is an area that people often neglect to care for. You use them to walk and for most hours of the day, they’re covered. So it’s understandable that they would be neglected.

Exfoliating your feet on a regular basis will keep your skin free of germs and bacteria from wearing shoes and sandals.

7. Use a Good Cuticle Oil

There are parts where the skin is delicate to touch, like your face and neck. On these areas, you’ll need a special cuticle oil to tackle dryness and other painful skin conditions.

A good cuticle oil will saturate the area around your cuticle and moisturize your cuticles directly. Plus, it gives a nice shine. What you’ll see is a pretty remarkable result!

8. Follow One Skin Routine

Sometimes, it’s the simplest of suggestions that make the biggest difference. Simply following one skincare routine consistently can have a positive effect on skin health and wellness. It’s best, even for a short period instead of trying each and every plan or product you come across.

There’s that temptation when you see an ad on TV or a new product showcased in a magazine to give that a try. We find that the best results come from when you pick a plan and stick to it.

9. Take Supplements

A lot of what you’ve read here tackles outer skin health. However, there are particular dietary actions you can take to enrich your skin.

Certain dietary supplements rich in vitamin C and niacin provide the needed nutrition without creating imbalance in the body. Also, supplements help solve acne related problems and improve overall skin health and wellness.

Try our new Advanced Nutrition Programme for skincare supplements available in-store only!

10. Drink Water

Last but certainly not least, drink plenty of water! In the summer, your body needs water the most due to heat exposure.

Consider this: Your skin is a cell. Skin cells, like all cells, are made up of water. If they don’t get enough water, they don’t function well. We lose lots of water in a variety of ways every day. So if you’re not drinking much water, the lack of hydration will turn your skin dry and flaky. Poorly hydrated skin tends to develop wrinkles after a while.

Here’s your suggestion – keep a habit of drinking 8 cups of water a day and enjoy your summer activities!