What Causes Under Eye Dark Circles?

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What Causes Under Eye Dark Circles?

Under eye dark circles are a common concern among men and women of all ages. They can be a nuisance to get rid of. Many people assume that lack of sleep is the main cause of dark circles, which is true, but there are many other factors that can contribute to dark circles. You can get as much sleep as you can and still wake up like a panda!


In this blog post, we'll discuss the most common causes of dark circles under the eyes and some tips and tricks to minimize their appearance so you can wake up with confidence every morning.

Lack of Sleep, Fatigue, and Stress

A common cause of dark circles under the eyes that most of us can relate to or were probably taught by our parents at a young age is lack of sleep. Along the lines of lack of sleep this also includes fatigue and stress.

Because we are always on the go with our daily activities and responsibilities, it is not a surprise that some of us get less than 7 hours of sleep a day. When the body does not get enough rest, the first signs of fatigue appears under the eyes. These appear as dark circles, puffiness, and premature fine lines and wrinkles.

Find time for yourself to relax prior to bedtime so you can have a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Limit the use of your cell phone, tablet, laptop or any device that emits bright lights because the brightness can disrupt your mind to relax. It is also a good habit to sleep at the same time every night and set yourself a schedule. If you are trying to go to bed earlier on a regular basis, try and work your way to that new time slowly by going to bed slightly earlier every night. 

Allergies and Eczema

If you are someone who is prone to allergies or suffer from hay fever, you may notice dark circles under your eyes. Allergies may result in constant rubbing of your eyes and potentially causing your dark circles to worsen. Any blockages in the also nose can make your veins become darker and more noticeable under the eyes. You may appear sick, depressed or stressed when it's not even the case.

Restrict yourself from itching your eyes because the more you rub, the darker your circles will be. It will aggravate the blood vessels in the area. You can also put yourself at risk of infection due to dirty finger nails.

Eczema is a form of allergic condition but appears on the skin as dry, itchy rashes. Apply itching cream prescribed from your doctor to prevent itching and redness. The intake of multivitamins is also known to prevent dark circles caused by allergies.

Excessive Sun Exposure

Exposure from UVA/UVB rays can be harmful to the skin and cause dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as fasten the aging process. This is why the use of sunscreen with an SPF 50 or above is highly important all year round and not just the summer months. As we all know, sunglasses protect the eyes from UVA/UVB rays but it also protects the skin under the eyes and decrease your chances of worsening your dark circles.

Excessive Smoking and Consumption of Alcohol

For obvious reasons, excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol cause many health issues related to heart disease, lung disease, overly congested skin, dark circles, difficulty breathing, and many more. Limit smoking and alcohol to maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.


If you are looking for a reason to blame your parents, now is your chance! Under eyes dark circles can be passed through generations and inherited to you. If we had the choice, no one wants to be born with panda eyes.

But what you can do is minimize the appearance of your dark circles using eye creams or eye serums like the Yonka Phyto Contour. This Yonka eye cream is formulated with extracts of rosemary which are essential to reducing dark circles and puffiness. Another natural eye cream is the Eminence Herbal Eye Contour Cream which firms and protects the delicate skin around the eyes and reduces signs of aging.


Another inevitable cause of dark circles is age. As we age, the collagen in our skin decreases, giving the appearance of wrinkled and dull skin. There is a loss of elasticity and the skin becomes less smooth and supple compared to the younger ages. Normally around mid 20s to early 30s is where collagen starts breaking down and the first signs of aging develops.

To slow down the breakdown of collagen, we use anti-aging products around the eyes. Anti-aging eye creams that are tailored toward a specific age group such as 50s, 60s or higher are very rich in formulation and work best for mature skin, but if you are under 30s, you may not need something so rich and can opt for a more affordable alternative.

For the mature age of 50+, Yonka Excellence Code Contours is formulated with hyaluronic acid and other essential ingredients for combating signs of aging. This Yonka eye cream provides  a hydrating and soothing sensation under the eyes and brightens its complexion with every use.

For the mid ground ages of 25+, G.M. Collin Bota-Peptide Eye Contour and Eye Contour Corrector are suitable for skin that does not have drastically visible signs of aging but is apparent enough to start using anti-aging products. These two products are most effective for combating the first signs of aging such as fine lines around the eyes, dark circles, and fatigue. The price range is more affordable compared to the Yonka Excellence Code Contours.

Help Me!

There are many more causes of  under eye dark circles, here are just a few common ones. The reason for your dark circles might be lack of sleep or heredity or a combination of any of these. While we cannot permanently get rid of dark circles, we can help minimize their appearance and maintain it from worsening with the use of eye creams. Need help finding which one is best for you? Shop online or contact us !